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Perfectly working IT in your company?

IT on the Background

Mission & vision

IT should work like light. When you turn it on, it glows. We use this as a foundation to make clear to you what you can, may and should charge us for: do you experience IT in the background or not? It's needless to say that there are many essential links in the chain that make us succeed in this mission. Or to stay within our analogy: whether or not the lamp glows or not.

Of course, it's not just a tagline. We also follow this concept internally. At Netropolix, we distinguish twelve  action domains with underlying measurement points that are crucial within our company.


Turn on the light and discover our action domains so the lights glow at your place too!



At Netropolix, you will always have a contact and a technical team that puts your interests first. A professional attitude and cooperation with frequent proactive communication is essential for this.


We actively observe your business infrastructure from a distance. Like that, we anticipate possible problems. You will receive a report, in which our work and findings are summarized.

Patch Management

At Netropolix we do patch management. With these 'patches', the soft- and firmware in your company go through meaningful and adequate updates that improve the functioning of the IT in your organization.


All routine tasks are planned in advance by your personal team coordinator. He communicates proactively with you. That way we don't overlook anything and you know exactly where you stand.


Employee training is important when introducing new systems. Netropolix puts your colleagues on the road with the necessary training. In this way we maximize the return on investment.


The periodic maintenance is an important moment of reporting. That is why our technicians will go over the work of the past period with you. Technical details can be discussed if you wish.

Regular maintenance

Personal contact is important. That's why you have one personal contact during the whole process. This person is always available for you. This way we can easily solve acute issues.

Personal contact

A personal team will be assigned to you. You're assured of a committed team that is ready for you. We simplify the transfer of specific knowledge and each team knows its client perfectly.


Our framework agreement is the foundation for a good cooperation. The document describes the relationship, together with the rights, obligations and agreements of both parties.


Do you choose an 'IT in the Background' agreement? Then we put all the documentation available on the platform: IT Glue. Here you'll find reports, descriptions, licenses and more.


Redundancy and backups are two aspects related to 'IT in the Background'. We ensure reliable and available IT in your company, where failure is minimized and secure data is maximized.


You can reach us every day between 8 am and 5.30 pm. Depending on your needs and wishes, we can extend this time or even make sure that you can reach us day and night. Netropolix is always ready.

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