IT in the background

Preventing problems rather than solving them? Then IT in the background is really something for you and your company!

IT should work like a lightbulb …

IT should work like a lightbulb. When you turn on the switch, it should work smoothly in the background while you run your daily business. This is the foundation on which we explain to you how you can, may and must criticize us: do you experience IT in the background or not? It is needless to say that there are many indispensable links in the chain that make us succeed in this mission. Or to stay within our analogy: whether the light bulb goes on or not.


But what is IT in the Background?

IT infrastructure is the foundation on which your business relies. Netropolix would like to be that foundation in your business. That’ s why we supply and install the most suitable hardware or roll out the most optimal cloud environment, tailored to your organization. This way, you build your IT infrastructure into a flawless and reliable system that runs in the background. In other words, IT in the background.

But of course it’s not just a tagline. We also follow this internally. At Netropolix, we distinguish a number of action domains for this purpose with underlying measurement points that are crucial within our company.

Everything under control

Different action areas

Constant monitoring

On the one hand, our technician will personally visit you for IT maintenance, and on the other hand, we will remotely monitor your servers, clients and network to take a proactive approach.

Maintenance of IT & customer relationship

Netropolix maintains not only IT, but also its customer relationships. Therefore it is important to keep you as a customer satisfied. We do this by pursuing SLAs in our service.

Always in touch

Will you join us in our ‘IT in the background’ story? Then you’ll enjoy real service. Our experts are always ready to keep your IT in the background. Discover the two possible scenarios.

Always a Plan B

Your internet, database, important documents … You can not do without. That’s why Netropolix ensures that redundancy is provided in the construction of your business infrastructure.

Everything neatly on paper

Has your system engineer been on maintenance? If so, he must have crossed off a few tasks from his checklist. You can quickly check what those action points were in our documentation tool.

Never lose your data

Data is very valuable. A disaster recovery plan tailored to your organization for always being able to restore your data is certainly not unnecessary.

Proactive approach

Your regular system engineer comes to take a look and perform checks. With this personal approach, we guarantee you an infrastructure that is ‘better prevented than cured’.

Always up to date

If you work with a digital device such as a laptop or PC, the trick is to keep it up to date. Thanks to our patch management you can stay assured of productivity & security.

Want to know more about IT in the Background?

Our accountmanagers are happy to tell the full story with all the benefits for your business. Make your appointment now and enjoy later:

  • Proactive monitoring.
  • A fixed person of contact.
  • A fixed technician, with a specialized team in addition.
  • Personal contact.
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