Business in Acceleration

How do you efficiently reach your goals with technology you already have? We’ll tell you how to better use your tools, get more value for your money and optimize your business processes.

IT as a means to achieve your goals

We at Netropolix are convinced that you can’t drive in second gear if you don’t know where your car’s gearshift is. And that is exactly the way we want to work with you and your ambitions. You know exactly where you want to go, we know how to actually get there.

But what is Business in Acceleration?

Netropolix will no longer view IT merely as making and keeping infrastructure available. From now on it is about the optimal use of IT in the broad sense. That optimal use is not static, but dynamic in function of your organizations ambitions.

Your strategic goals are certainly already defined, but our Business Accelerators like to think tactically with you about how you can achieve these goals with IT technology that you already have at your disposal, but of which you didn’t know you could do so much with. So you get even more out of the tools you already have, and therefore you get more than you give.

What can you expect?

Of course, using your tools more efficiently is only one part of the picture. We will also suggest new apps, as well as automating or improving certain procedures. By means of workshops and trainings of management and employees, for example, we try to accelerate your business.

Where can we help you, for example?

  • Mails always end up in your spamfolder. Like that, you miss out on interesting offers, but you also don’t receive every invoice.
  • There is a lot of data available, but you fail to get clear insights.
  • You still manage to do several repetitive tasks manually.
  • Your project department has no planning software.
  • Your sales team doesn’t know how to deal with all the customer data.

Different action areas

Business in acceleration operates in a variety of domains. Perhaps your main concern is efficient communication and conferencing? Or maybe something goes wrong when storing customer data in your database or CRM? Quickly discover all the action domains that we can explore with you.

  • Smart calling;
  • Working & communicatie flexible;
  • Getting insights out of data;
  • Meeting efficiently;
  • Selling better;
  • Making plans;
  • Working with documents.

Accelerating your business? It is possible!

Make an appointment with one of our accountmanagers right away and enjoy:

  • More value for your money.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • A specialist in the field.
  • Automated repetitive tasks.
  • Time saving.
  • A fixed person of contact.
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Discover IT in the background

Being able to do your thing without being disturbed? That is possible with IT in the background. Thanks to this concept, we take care of your IT, so that you can fully focus on your core business.

Discover IT in the background

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