About us

Netropolix from Geel is a real Kempish IT company. It has an infrastructure and software department, where all the knowledge around cloud environments, cybersecurity, business apps, networking and more is gathered.

20 years of experience in the Kempen

Netropolix, IT in the Background, Business in Acceleration

The approach to everything Netropolix does? IT should work like a lightbulb: when you turn on the switch, it works and it does so in the background. All the tools that we provide must also accelerate your business. We only tell you where the gears are, but you take the wheel.

Our dedicated team delivers personalized solutions, advice and proactive support in every aspect of IT, tailored to your business. Here, the two divisions, software and infrastructure, go hand in hand to assist you in the areas of software development, integration, cloud and IT infrastructure.


An authentic Belgian company since 1999

Our Story


In 1999 Netropolix was founded as a software company. ADMINd was marketed as an all-round accounting package after which other software programs for administration followed. In addition to that, customers also asked for the appropriate infrastructure. This is how the infrastructure branch was made…


In 2011, the infrastructure department became independent by merging with the business branch of ZEB Computers, the pioneer in the Kempish region in terms of hardware and networking. Like that, Netropolix grew into a company with branches in Geel, Grobbendonk, Balen and Turnhout.


In 2018, Netropolix and COVR merged after a successful collaboration. COVR is a company that provides international scientific and medical events with IT services. This provided an even better focus on quality. The ‘IT in the background’ story was born.


Today Netropolix is a growing, innovative company of 70 enthusiastic employees. The new building is located in Geel, where all the branches have merged into one. Collaboration is now even better, since all in-house expertise is combined.


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